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Through the Iron Curtain

In August 1961, construction of the Berlin Wall begins. What follows are 28 years of division of Germany. Families are separated, the east is finally sealed off from the west. In the GDR, the Berlin Wall and the inner-German border are referred to as the "anti-fascist protective wall". In the years that followed, this border from Bavaria to the Baltic Sea became a deadly swath through Germany. For this project I document the visible remnants of the inner-German border and meet people who flee from the GDR to the Federal Republic in various ways.

Derek *2008 †2019

At the age of 2,5 Derek gets introduced to his future foster family. His biological mother drank during pregnancy. Soon he was diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). unsuperable hurdles of bureaucracy to get treatment and mistreatment by public authorities led to his suicide in 2019.

Hide and Seek

The Project Hide and Seek is meant to raise awareness about people with mental health issues. The following pictures show Mia* that at the age of 8 developed a self harming condition. We met in mutual consent to do this project about one month after her suicide attempt.

(*Name has been changed) 


Far beyond driven

On his way home my friend ferdinand got beaten up by strangers for no reason. I photographed him until his recovery half a year after the incident happened.

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